This Chevy pick up owner teaches the Dodge Hellcat drivers a lesson!

The Dodge Hellcat is indisputably a very quick car.  Its probably the most powerful production muscle car ever made.  That makes this Dodge Hellcat owner pretty cocky and hes going to learn a lesson the hard way about racing for cash!

Hes out with his buddy in Louisiana when a Chevy Silverado owner rolls up and asks him if he wants to drag race for cash.   Like most people who assume trucks are going to be slow, he thinks this is going to be some easy money and quickly agrees.

The Chevy owner plays him like a fiddle and loses the first race by a length or two.  He offers to race again for double or nothing.  And on that second race, he brings the pain!  That Hellcat just can’t keep up off the line with the Chevy!   By the end of the stretch, the Hellcat is starting to pull in the Chevy but in cash outlaw racing being first is all that matters!



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