This Detroit Diesel Hot Rod looks like the king of the post-apocalyptic wasteland!

Detroit Diesel engines are absolutely legendary.   They have spent decades making powerful reliable Diesel engines that have created a hardcore fan base.   These guys set out to push the limits of custom diesel hot rods with a massive build.

They started with the Detroit Diesel 16V-92.   The 92 series of engine was two stroke V-Block style engine that was available from 6 cylinders all the way up to 16 cylinders.  Never one to do things halfway, these guys decided to use the 16 valve.   You can see just looking at it visually it basically looks like two v8’s in a row on the chassis.

Building a chassis to support this much weight and power is another challenge in and of itself.  This vehicle is MASSIVE.  Just look at the size of the guys standing by it relative to the length of the vehicle. We don’t get to see this thing drive but if you need a hot rod that could also easily tow a house, this is your vehicle.  Awesome custom build guys, keep up the great work!

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