This girl was not prepared for the Twin Turbo Duramax…

If you haven’t ever been in a Twin Turbo Duramax, it can be a very eye opening experience. Many people falsely assume because its a big pickup truck that its going to be slow. Its easy to forget that despite the sheer size of a Lifted Duramax, they still have insane torque.

With a tune, twin turbos and plenty of other work done to it, this Twin Turbo Duramax definitely fits the bill. It has speed and power off the line that presses people back into their seat. We have featured videos of other people riding in this truck before, notably the drivers mom and dad! They are both thrown back into the seat and can’t help but laugh at the shock of accelerating this fast and hard in a Massive Lifted Diesel Truck. Awesome truck and make sure to share this video with someone who doesn’t think Trucks can be fast!

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