This Guy Turns a 2014 Silverado into a 72 Chevy!

If you love the style of classic trucks but the comfort and convenience of modern trucks, it can be tough to pick which truck to own!  Alot of truck guys get around this by owning multiple trucks!   A classic Chevy for cruises on the weekend and a new truck for the work week!

For SEMA 2014 however, these guys decided to have the best of both worlds by completely redoing a 2014 Chevy Silverado to match the iconic look of a 1972 Chevy.  First they removed most plastic exterior parts and replaced them with metal and chrome parts.

The most important thing to get right was the red and white paint job that sticks out in everyones memory from the late 70’s Chevys.  They matched the tone perfectly and even got the wheels to complete the look.  One great touch they did was matching the tailgate to the classic Chevy tailgate style!

We bet a ton of people do a double take when they see this truck cruising down the road.    The truck even took home the design award from SEMA in a packed and tough field!

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