This hummer thinks it’s a submarine. And it may just be right…

Some things have a legendary reputation for a reason.  The almighty Hummer is one of those things.  With the right driver these things were and are basically unstoppable.

When they originally built the Humvee for Military offroad use, nobody could have predicted that decades later civilian consumers would want their own version for offroad use.  By popular demand, they made a civilian Model that was still tough as nails and called it the Hummer.  The rest is offroad driving history.

Depending on the model year these usually have either a 6.5L GM Diesel engine or a 6.6L Duramax engine dropped in to move this massive vehicle along.   With the right  modifications as you can see in this video they have no trouble with even the most difficult offroad terrain.

Even a deep river that goes completely over the top of the Hummer is no problem for this beast.  The engine basically hums along as the vehicle churns along the bottom of the riverbed, crossing in record time.

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