This Hummer was beyond stuck in the mud. Good thing a Ford came along…

The original Hummer is one of the toughest most badass stock trucks ever built.  They were used by the military and offroad enthusiasts everywhere who need a truck that is capable of going absolutely anywhere…   But even the best truck in the world is only as good as the driver!

This driver however will leave you with so many questions about what they were possibly thinking!   First off, who goes mudding with a dirt bike still on the rack in the back?   Its not like this was a mudhole they had no option to avoid on the trail. The Hummer driver clearly picked to hit this hole despite having tons of ground around it that would be no problem to drive around.

Once hes in the mud hes completely stuck and sideways with no chance of moving.   The driver bails out of the vehicle, leaving it to slowly fill with water as it sinks in.   A Ford F250 driver comes along and hooks up a rope to yank it out.   The Hummer driver is absolutely useless meaning the Ford really has to dig into the mud to find traction and yank the heavy waterlogged Hummer out of the mud.      When its all said and done they open the doors and let a  huge rush of mud and water drain out.   This is one expensive mistake for the Hummer driver!

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