This is the best use for car exhaust we’ve ever seen!

This might be one of the most dangerous ideas we have ever seen for fixing your truck or car! There is so much that could go wrong with this invention that it is hard to believe anyone thought this was a good idea!

The invention is called “The Exhaust Jack” and the concept is simple enough. When your in a hurry on the side of the road or a trail and need a quick way to lift your car, using a standard jack can be slow and tiring. Instead place this inflatable bag underneath the vehicle, hook up a hose to your exhaust pipe and turn on your vehicle

The air coming out of the exhaust will quickly fill up the inflatable bag and the air pressure will be enough that it lifts the vehicle off the ground! There are so many things that could go wrong with this however.

First off, anything inflatable can pop, especially under alot of pressure. The explosion coming from the bag combined with the vehicle falling is a ton of potential for damage. Second, the backpressure from this on your engine can’t be healthy. Maybe someone with more engineering experience can explain how it would be fine for the engine but it looks pretty rough to us!

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