This is the most hardcore trike we’ve ever seen.

When you think a trike, you either think one of two things: a) small children’s toy or b) a big wide cruising 3 wheeled motorcycle. These guys decided to build a custom bad ass trike that is unlike anything you have seen before. Normally Trikes are powered with a V-Twin. That wasn’t enough for this custom project however. They built the chassis and power train to handle a Ford V8 Flathead.

Ford Flatheads have been a staple engine for hot rod builds since the 1950’s and the sheer power this trike is packing by using a Flathead is insane! Like most custom motorcycle builds, this bad ass chopper trike is not built for comfort or convenience. The handlebars are swept back and lack the pile of gauges and switches that production motorcycles these days have. This is an absolutely bad ass build and we would love to drive one!

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