This is the sound that tells you the engine is ruined…

Sled pulls are all about pushing your truck to the absolute limit and sometimes, things are going to go very very wrong.  This is the first person view of things going wrong for this Cummins Driver.

He launches cleanly and things are going well.  The truck is powered by a Cummins 12V engine, a standard choice engine to tune and use for sled pulls.    Once hes launched though, you can quickly see things have gone wrong.  His front drive shaft lets go and the engine starts to over rev.

This causes a chain series of reactions causing the engine to basically blow itself out.   According to the driver the only things left salvageable by this were the fuel pump and the turbo!  You win some and you lose some and today definitely wasn’t this guys day!

Before anyone says that this was driver error… remember that sled pull trucks are built to handle higher RPM’s and most drivers do not shift during a pull.   The fact that the truck was pulling a huge amount of weight at full throttle was what killed the engine, not the higher RPM’s and the driver not shifting.

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