This Jiffy Lube Mechanics Scam is caught on Camera Red Handed!

Lets face it… It can be really tricky finding a mechanic you trust who does quality work on your vehicles.  After many disastrous stories and experiences, people are wary of many auto mechanics for good reason.

One common scam they use was finally caught on tape by this channels news team.  They sent out an undercover investigation team to figure out exactly what this Jiffy Lube was doing.

They discreetly marked a bunch of parts like the air filter and sent it in to Jiffy Lube to see if the mechanics actually did replace the parts!  With a few well placed hidden cameras they were able to track exactly what was done on the car and when.

The results of this investigation are shocking to say the least!  Please watch and share so that people don’t fall for these scams!

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