This might be the deadliest way to do yard work we’ve ever seen.

Was splitting logs with an Axe or a Log Splitter Just too much for you?   These guys have just the invention for you!  They took their 2006 Pontiac GTO they had sitting around in their yard and put it up on a jack.  Then they took of one of the rear wheels and added on a cone that drills in and splits open logs.   As the the drill bit of the cone catches to the log, the log is then pulled further and further up the cone until it splits into two pieces.

As much as we love some good redneck ingenuity,  this just looks plain dangerous!     So much could go wrong with this.   If you catch your pants or sleeves on this drill, your screwed.  Its pretty much gonna rip off your limb before you even have a chance to react!   Plus, if something goes wrong with one of the logs it probably will launch towards the car!   The GTO is a pretty nice car and this one looks in decent condition.  I wouldn’t want to damage my paint or body work with this!    That said however, this is America!   Making your American Muscle car split logs for you is exactly what you should be doing!


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