This might be the most badass thing ever powered by a Duramax

What do you get when you set out to build a diesel powered truck thats halfway between a Mud truck and Monster truck???  This!

Called “Maxxed Out”  this is an awesome piece of engineering and design.   Using a custom tube frame welded together and paired with a Duramax engine, its ready to rip through any course or mud put in front of it

This video tours the truck before it hits its first major dirt or mud!  Its awesome seeing a truck in this pristine condition as it will probably never be this clean again!   The Engine compartment alone looks like a work of art as every part of Duramax engine sits gleaming with polish.

Interestingly compared to consumer trucks, the engine sits mid vehicle in the truck rather then up front under the hood.  They put the engine mid vehicle for several performance reasons in race vehicles, and its especially important in trucks that will be jumping.  Too much weight in the front or rear will make it very hard to safely jump!

Check out this beautiful Duramax and let us know what you guys think!  Would you change anything or is it perfect?  Let us know in the comments!

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