This mud trucker almost faces disaster…

You know its deep mud when your getting stuck in a lifted Cummins on 54 inch mud bogger tires!  A vehicle with this amount of power and lift can easily cruise through all but the deepest mudholes!

If we have learned anything in our years of mudding however its that there is always a deep enough, stickiest enough mudhole somewhere that even the biggest trucks can’t get through!   This guy is about to come dangerously close to rolling his monster lifted truck in the deep mud

His first pass through the mudhole he quickly realizes hes going to have to go around.  Even with his rediculously high lift, the water is up to the cab and hes not making any forward progress.  He flips it in reverse and attempts to drive around the mud when things get super hairy!

Things go from bad to worse for this guy when half his truck is on solid ground and half is deep in the mudhole!  It is leaned way way over and the driver stops to take a minute to figure out how best to move forward.

When in doubt though, throttle it out!   He has to back up and take a run at it again and really let that Cummins dig in and work!   A little more throttle and patience and hes through that mud no problem!

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