This old Ford has quite the upgrade…

AT this point in time, we would not be shocked to find a Cummins swapped into pretty much anything. These engines are extremely popular to do engine swaps with because of their cost, power and reliability. People seem to be finding all sorts of awesome cars and trucks to stick Cummins into and the results can be amazing.

This Ford F100 with a Cummins dropped in is the definition of a sleeper truck at the drag strip. You would never expect an classic Ford F100 to be a quick truck. Its a gorgeous iconic older truck but it was built in an era when trucks weren’t being used for drag racing! That is how this truck tricks you, however, with its Cummins engine swap it has power to spare. The driver might need to try a few different tires to find something that will get traction better. Even with his traction issues he still manages to run in the Low 12’s which is insane for an old farm truck!

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