This takes wheelies to a whole new level!

When drag racing with a car, truck or especially a motorcycyle… wheelies are to be expected.  They are just the result of trying to put that much torque, power and acceleration to the ground.  Most drag cars are equipped with wheelie bars for this exact reason.

Sometimes however, the wheelie bars aren’t enough!   This drag racer is about to show exactly what his car can do.   Once he punches down on the throttle, the car violently accelerates and the nose of the car goes straight skyward.   The car is still acclerating however and smacks the wheelie bars down so hard that the whole car bounces up into the air!!

Luckily, this driver thinks quick and gets off the throttle.  He is able to bring the rear wheels down smoothly and drops the front end back down quickly.  He rides out the landing like a champ!   The only thing that could have made this a better run for him was if he was able to power through and win the race!

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