These Tractors Plow In Sync And It’s Absolutely Mesmerizing!!!

Have You Ever had to Plow a field? Plowing fields is one of the longest jobs any farmer could ever do. They have to wake up early and ride a tractor all day long. Sometimes working up to 15+ hours per day for months on end. So if you thought your job was hard, take a look at your local farmers. Those guys never get a break!

Here we have 3 tractors that know how to Plow with each other in sync! The lead tractor is a CAT Challenger 765C with a Kverneland 10 furrow Plow. Following behind it is a Fendt 724 and a Fendt 828. Both of which are pulling a Lemken 7 furrow Plow. They don’t normally work like this, but they decided to try something new for the cameraman. It just happened to be the best plowing display we’ve ever seen!!!

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