Twin Turbo Duramax is so Nasty it’s Just asking for Speeding Tickets

This truck has been featured on here multiple times before because frankly it is one sick Duramax.   It may not be the newest or sickest looking Duramax out there… but it has power and performance for days.  We have shown you this thing passing Corvettes and terrifying Moms, Dads and sisters everywhere with its torque!

The guy who owns the truck put together this compilation of him rolling coal and punching the throttle in this Duramax.  Those of you with Lifted trucks and especially lifted diesel trucks know that these things are magnets for tickets.  Would you be driving 55 mph if you had this much power in your vehicle?

It costs to have a badass ride and if I were this guy I wouldn’t mind having to pay the occasional ticket to drive this nasty Duramax all the time!

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