What do you think of the Chevy Reaper?

Nobody can dispute that the Ford Raptor has been a massive hit.  When Ford released the Raptor they were basically inventing a whole new market for gas pickups that were factory tuned for offroad performance.

Chevy has seen the success of the Raptor and released the Reaper as a competitor.   This video is a full tour with a Chevy product specialist of exactly what has been done to a standard Silverado to customize it to be the “2014 Chevy Reaper.”

From our perspective, you would need to be a hardcore Chevy fan to purchase this over a Raptor or even better, a diesel truck.  The front end of the Reaper looks crazy and like a cheap plastic body kit.  It doesn’t have the finished production quality look of the Raptor.   And the name? Seriously Chevy, you should have thought of something a bit more creative then Reaper.  It is WAY too similar to Raptor.

We think they should go back to the drawing board and release an offroad package Duramax for Mudding/heavy duty use. Let the Ford Raptor be for desert racing and light trucks.  Put the Duramax Powered Chevy on the market as the heavy duty truck that can haul through serious mud.

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