You haven’t seen an off-road vehicle until you’ve seen the Chainlink!

We have never seen anything quite like this…  Called “ChainLink” this might be one of the best off road and rock crawling vehicles ever made.  Sure, most trucks can flex to be able to drive off road…. But not like this!

Chainlink is built so that each tire can flex independently 7 feet up OR down.   7 Feet is a massive span.  Most vehicles when we measure their flex we are talking in inches, not feet.   This thing can roll up a boulder that is Taller then the Average American Man (5 foot 10) and not even be at its full flex range.

Powered by a 5.0 L V8 engine from Ford that was ripped out of 93 Cobra Mustang and clearly has power to push through even the rockiest terrain no problem.  The only thing that would slow this thing down is just how heavy it is!  Weighing it in at 5900 pounds this thing is going to be using all that V8 power when it gets to some crazy crawling.


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