You need to see this awesome view from the front of a speeding twin turbo diesel!

Ready for your daily dose of Rolling Coal?   Check out this fresh custom twin turbo setup on a 24V Cummins as the driver takes it out for a cruise.  Using a go pro mounted on the hood he records the exhaust as it comes out of his custom setup in the hood.

This front setup is most often seen on drag trucks and we assume this guy is planning on racing his Cummins.   The 24V cummins is extremely popular because its a cheap platform thats easy to modify for awesome power.   Released starting in 1998, the 5.9L cummins engine (commonly known as a 24V) was standard in Dodge Rams from this era.  From this angle its hard to tell exactly what year Ram this is, but we can tell it looks in mint condition.

The driver says in the comments that he filmed this video when his clutch was in bad shape on the Ram.  You can clearly hear the clutch letting go as he switches between gears or punches it at several points in the video.   Once the truck has the clutch fixed its in good shape to be a monster out on the drag strip!

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