You won’t believe how much engine this guy packed into an ATV!

ATV’s are meant to take people anywhere and everywhere.  Whether thats a city street or a steep muddy climb, ATV’s are built to handle just everything.  But for some people out there, they felt that standard atvs just weren’t enough.

Built basically because he can, this is the wildest ATV we have ever seen.  This thing is custom built top to bottom because no manufacturer is crazy enough to build anything this dangerously powerful.

The frame was built around a holding a V8 engine for massive power.  He put 38 inch super swamper tires on it and lifted it so the rider is easily sitting several feet up in the air!   We don’t get to see it tear through the mud in this video but once its turned on an idling you can hear just how mean this thing sounds!

What do you think?  Would you want one?  Or is this thing just too dangerous!!

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