You’ve seen four-wheel drive, but six wheel drive?!

Plenty of people offroad in 2 wheel drive… Most people offroad in 4 wheel drive.  But have you ever seen anyone offroad with 6 wheel drive?

Called the “T-Rex” this 6 wheel drive offroading machine is based on a Prototype Dodge made.  For whatever reason they decided to make a 6 wheel drive truck as a promotional stunt.  They made a couple prototypes but none was ever released to the public. These guys decided to make their own!

Powered by a V10 Gas engine (in our opinion the 24V Cummins would be a much better choice), the truck is road legal but only gets 4-6 MPG so don’t plan on driving too far!

Check out their attempt to get this 6 wheel drive beast up a near vertical wall!

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