1969 Camaro Twin Turbo Super Charged with Nitrous

Wow, this Camaro looks like an optical illusion or from out of this world. It doesn’t look like a real car that actually runs and works!   When they debuted this head turning, attention grabbing Camaro at the “All Chevy Super Nationals”, the internet went nuts

People claimed there was no way this could actually work and that it was completely impractical.   The owner decided to make this video as proof that the car was real, and it does indeed work!   He built the car as a show car so its not built for performance but just to look amazing!

We know this car will still be divisive.  Once you get how it all works you realize that he loses power using the setup he has.  If you only want your vehicles to be practical your going to hate it.  If you can appreciate something built just to look cool… Then your going to love this Camaro!  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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