1971 Chevy C10 + Brazil = the best thing ever

It is no stretch of the imagination to say the Chevy C10 is one of the most loved pickups ever made.  Decades later, they are still one of the most popular trucks to modify, tune and improve.  Easy to work on and with tons of different ways to customize them, Chevy C10’s are extremely popular for a reason

This phenomonom is even a global thing!  These guys found and filmed a C10 down in Brazil that had been heavily modified and restored to make one amazing classic C10.  The truck had been customized with an airbag suspension that lets it cruise along with the frame only sitting inches above the ground.

No expense was spared to make this the perfect truck for the owner.  The video takes you on a full tour of this lavish build.  What do you guys think of this build?  Let us know in the comments!

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