3000HP S10 DOMINATES This 1200 Mile Race!!!

Larry Larson has got to be one of the coolest race car drivers. What exactly does he race you ask? Well believe it or not, but he races all over the country in his Chevy S10. Yes, we said S10. Normally we wouldn’t bat an eye at an s10, except there’s something about this one that draws us in.

This Chevy S10 has 3000HP and it’s one insane racing machine. But that’s not of favourite part about it. How often do you get to see a truck of this magnitude out in the streets like any regular car? Barely ever right? Well this amazing machine is 100% street legal. Don’t ask how though because it baffles us as much as you!!!

On another note, have you heard of the Rocky Mountain Race Week? It’s a 1200 mile race in which owners take their street legal vehicles and race through the Rocky Mountains. They also have to compete at 4 different tracks in a 5 day period. Well Larry decided to compete in this insane race and he absolutely dominated it!!!

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