6×6 RC Semi Truck Blasts through Mud Like its Nothing

If you remember RC cars as a kid, you can remember them always being a bit disappointing compared to the commercials.  In the commercials, they would be racing around at top speed and work perfectly… The reality was a slow moving car or truck with no suspension.

Not anymore however.  This guy set out to show just how awesome RC trucks can be these days.  First hes out mudding with an awesome RC pickup truck that does some serious crawling over very muddy rocks.  Even with the thick, sticky dirt thats clinging to his tires, hes able to power that RC truck over and through alot of mud…

When that truck flips and gets stuck though, he calls in a truely amazing RC semi.  This Semi is a 6×6 tracked vehicle that could surely pull through just about any mud on the planet.  The Semi, called “The Juggernaut” even has a scale model winch for towing out the tipped over Pickup.   It rolls some coal out of its two stacks and hauls that pickup right out of the mud!

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