Check out the Duramax lope tune and smoke!

This 05 Duramax might be almost 10 years old but with the right tune this thing is sounding perfect to us.  Lope tunes are always controversial when we post them because a lot of people hate them with a passion!

They don’t really serve any purpose to do a Lope tune on your standard truck.  The only thing it accomplishes is to give your truck this unique distinct sound.   If you want this sound for your truck and you got the cash to pay for it, we say go for it!  Alot of people seem to forget that if its your truck your entitled to do whatever the hell you want with it!

So take a listen to this lope tune and let us know what you think! For what it is, we think he did the thing right!  That low idle has the perfect rumble to it and when he gives it some throttle it instantly jumps back to the normal sound.


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