The Chevy Dealership Got More Than They Bargained For When Trying To Diagnose A “Whistling” Sound In A Silverado 1500!!

When you go down to a Chevy dealership and buy a 1500 Silverado, you know for a fact that you’re not getting one that is turboed. As nice as the truck is, it just doesn’t have that extra boost. Well that’s exactly what the dealership thought as well. That is until this guy came down complaining about a “Whistle” sound.

Little did the guys at this Chevy dealership know, but the guys down at Armageddon Turbo decided to put twin turbos into their brand new Chevy Silverado 1500. After doing so, they decided it would be funny to take the truck in and complain about a “Whistle” sound. They forgot to mention that they installed the turbos and took the techs out for a ride to diagnose the problem. We bet the techs weren’t expecting what happened next!

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