Cummins vs. Powerstroke in the muddiest race ever!

Man, these trucks need to get some Mudding tires!  Two very muddy and sandy trucks lined up on the beach to see who could run the fastest down the soft sand and mud of the beach!   The 5.9 Ram Cummins is so muddy before the start of the race we can’t even tell what color the paint is underneath!  That is some proper mudding!  Who knows how he can even see out of back or sides of the truck!

The Red Powerstroke is a 7.3L Ford with dual stacks in the bed.  Its not nearly as muddy yet as the Cummins and its definitely struggling to make traction! The Cummins launches in 4wd and it appears the Powerstroke is just in 2wd which is why this drag race isn’t even close.  Different tires + both trucks in 4wd would make this a very different race!  Lets see the rematch boys!

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