Duramax swapped Chevy Colorado Battles SRT Viper in Street Race!

The SRT Viper is a very controversial sports car.  It has terrible handling and performance on the track and is beaten by many other sports cars in most categories.  What it is amazing at is sheer straight line speed and power.  If you want to run a straight line as fast as possible, the SRT Viper is a great choice.

So for a Chevy Colorado to challenge a Viper at a rolling start street race… That better be one quick Chevy or its just going to get stomped!  Luckily this Colorado has a Duramax under the hood!

Chevy Colorado:

Stock long block 6.6 Duramax
Stock Allison 6 speed auto tranny 
Garret gtx4202r turbo
Water to air intercooler 
15 % bigger injectors 
EFI Live tuning 
660 hp 1125 tq 
42 psi

SRT Viper:

SRT Viper TA mods:
catback exhaust

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