Ford Powerstroke Gives A Cummins A lesson In Real Power!!!

You know, everyone is always hating on Fords and Ford owners. It honestly needs to stop because no matter what you say, if you put enough time and money into ANY kind of vehicle, they can all be great. We’ve seen some sick Fords, Dodges and Chevys over the last little while. As far as power goes, each and every truck has their strong points and weak points. It’s just how you address them that changes everything!

Now back to the point, just because a truck has a ford logo on it, doesn’t mean that it’s weak or slow. These two friends decided they were going to have a race in the mountains of Mexico. One is driving a 7.3L Powerstroke while the other is in a Cummins. Most people immediately say the Cummins will win, but not this time guys. Sorry to get your hopes up!!!

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