How to make Dodge fans cry: show them this video.

At a truck pull in Wapak Ohio, this Ford F350 is about to embarrass this Dodge Cummins at the truck Pull. The Silver Dodge Cummins in theory has a relatively fair shot at this. Both trucks are in 4 wheel drive and about the same height. As soon as they start pulling however, its clear the Dodge is in trouble. These pulls offs are about who can get more traction and use it efficiently!

The Dodge immediately floors it and begins burning rubber on all four tires. It has the torque to light up all four tires and it looks cool. But in a pull off, you need to be getting that power to the ground! The Ford holds and waits his chance and then pounces. He is able to easily drag the Dodge no problem as it has no traction! Talk about an embarrassing lose for this Dodge driver. He had a chance to win but completely wrecked his shot!

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