Idiot Driver Finds the Fastest Way to Ruin an SUV

This is video proves that just because you have alot of money, you don’t always have alot of brains to match!  The driver of this Porsche Cayenne SUV has gotten it stuck down by the water.

First off, the Cayenne SUV is not ever going to be a great offroading vehicle.  Its meant for city slickers who want a fast driving car in the rain!  In Russia however, where this video is filmed, clearly they don’t mind offroading these things.

Its supposed to be all wheel drive, but however this guy has gotten stuck, hes only getting power to some of the wheels.  Instead of having the giant truck that is sitting RIGHT there, he decides to just floor it in his vehicle to see if he will move.

Flat out… it doesn’t take long for something to go wrong!  Watch and laugh at this guys stupidity!

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