It’s Cummins vs. Duramax in the ultimate monster truck tug of war!

Cummins doing work out here!!   Lined up in Georgia back to back are two mega monster Cummins and Duramax Trucks.  The Cummins truck, in Black and the Duramax in white are roped together to find out who has the most towing power and torque!

At first it looks like the Duramax is going to take it as its slowly but surely dragging the Cummins down the track…. But then the Cummins driver shifts down, and gets some solid traction and its all over for the Duramax.   It even looks like the Duramax driver has alot more weight in the bed of his truck for traction with a couple people sitting in there!

The question we have is why do this battle on pavement!   These monster trucks use some extra hard compound tires meant for use on the dirt.  This would be a way better battle between the two if they had moved it 20 feet over onto the dirt track!   I think we might have had a much closer battle between the Duramax and the Cummins!

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