Know someone who doubts the Powerstroke? Show them this.

There are a ton of Powerstroke haters out there!   If you own a Powerstroke, you have heard every joke in the book about your truck!  But when it comes down to it, the numbers and results don’t lie!

At a pull off, to show off the power and torque of his Powerstroke mud truck,  this guy lined up back to back with the massive Terra Gator.  These three wheeled beast are meant for heavy duty farm and agriculture use.  They can pull like crazy with whatever you hook up behind them.

We don’t know the exact weight of these Terra Gators but they are heavy!!  Pulling these beasts will require some serious power.   And as soon as the flag drops, that Powerstroke makes it looks easy!  They put the throttle down and that Terra Gator doesn’t even get an inch!

Show this to any of your friends who want to talk about Powerstroke power!  This is the real deal!

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