More proof that some Truck drivers are useless…

These might be the worst drivers ever in the snow.   They are completely unable to get their Cummins Powered Dodge Ram Dually out of a few inches of snow!  They fail so hard at driving its unreal.

So it appears that they have a small incline to climb up to get out of this parking space and maybe 6 inches of fresh snow has fallen recently on the ground.  We will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they live somewhere where it doesn’t snow frequently.    That explains why it might be so hard for them to get through this small amount of snow.

Even still, in this two minutes they manage to make no real progress on getting unstuck from this snow.  First off, if your driving a dually in the snow, turn on 4WD.   Ideally 4 Low and just let the truck crawl its way through the snow.    Whatever tires they have on (they are too covered with snow for us to tell clearly what they are) are worthless in the snow!

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