Now That’s How To Dig A Trench!!!

Digging trenches can be a very long and boring task. As teenagers we did a lot of trench digging. Either for work, or to help our around the house. But at that time, we were only allowed to use a Shovel. As time went on, we progressed up to an Excavator. We have to admit, we had alot of fun in those. What they use to dig trenches now would have made life alot easier then!!!

The Tesmec-TRS 1475 Bucket-Gammond is the ultimate machine if you want to get the perfect trench! Using a bucket system, this machine continuously scoops the dirt up and drops it onto a conveyor system. All you need to do is set your depth and you’re on your way. Man, the things we would do to be able to operate one of these!!!

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