Building The Worlds First “Offroad Runner”!!

Like most other car and truck enthusiasts, we love ourselves a good old car. By far one of our favourites would have to be the Plymouth Road Runner. Back in those days, they really knew how to build cars. Unlike nowadays where everything pretty much looks the same. Well these guys also love the Road Runner. They actually like it so much that they are making their own version. Say hello to the Mad Maxxis Offroad Runner!

This guy had the bright idea of going out and buying the most beat up Plymouth Road Runner that you could find. Why? Well because he can, that’s why. In all honesty, he really doesn’t care about what the car looks like, because when he’s done with it’s going to be a beast!! Not only are they turning it into an Offroad Runner, but they are also dropping a Cummins engine into it! Now that’s going to be one sweet ride when it’s done!

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