This Is What Happens When You Let A Car Sit For 50 Years Without An Oil Change!!!

When it comes to restoring an old car, one of the best places to start off with is the engine. If you can’t manage to get the car running, what’s the point of doing the exterior? You need to remember to make sure to check every little thing on the engine before starting it up. Don’t forget to make sure to give it an Oil Change.

This guy got himself a 1930 ‘Model A’ that he wants to restore. The only problem is that the car had been sitting for 50 years UNUSED! Could you imagine what that would look like? Luckily for this guy, his friend reminded him to change the oil. When he goes to change it, nothing comes out of the oil pan so he decides to take it right off. You’re not going to believe what had happened to the oil over 50 years!!!

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