Once again a Dodge needs a Chevy to get it out of trouble.

Fact:  Every truck gets stuck.   Whether its a Dodge, Chevy, Ford or whatever else!  Every truck will get stuck eventually when you hit mud deep enough.   With the right driver and truck however, your odds of getting stuck are alot lower.

This group of city boys decided to head out in their trucks to hit a deep mud pit…   Its some seriously thick goopy looking mud.  This isn’t the watery stuff that you get running in a mud bogging competition. This is some thick wet clay like dirt that can grab a truck and hold it!

The Dodge driver tries to rock his truck for almost 8 whole minutes before giving up and getting a Chevy Silverado to come pull him out.   That is where this gets funny!  These city boys jump out of their cabs and are gingerly stepping around the mud afraid to get their shoes and pants dirty.

That is not how mudding works boys!   You shouldn’t be hitting the mud holes if your afraid you might get some mud on you.  Maybe if you weren’t afraid of the mud your truck wouldn’t get stuck so easy!

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