Only a Ford Driver would pull this trailer through the ocean…

We are not sure if we should be impressed or just marvel at this guys poor life choices.  Filmed at Pismo Beach in California, get ready to witness some epic bad decision making.

Maybe someone who is a local can comment exactly why people were driving their trucks through this spot in the ocean but clearly this Ford Powerstroke driver just doesn’t care one bit about some salt water. With that 7.3L Powerstroke under the hood he isn’t worried about a thing.

Towing a large trailer behind him he plows his whole rig through several feet of water to get to the other side.  Maybe he saw the perfect camping spot on the other side and HAD to get there.  It seems ridiculous to risk such an expensive setup in this much moving water.

Even the deputy they show at the end is grinning with a huge smile.  Nobody seems to know if they should be impressed with this guys truck and driving skills or just marvel at how stupid this route was!

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