The Hüttlin Kugelmotor Is German Engineering At Its Finest!!!

This video might be in German, but that didn’t stop us from doing some extensive research on this amazing engine design for you. What you’re about to see might have what it takes to revolutionize the automotive industry. Say hello to the Hüttlin Kugelmotor, the future in compression engines!

The Hüttlin Kugelmotor was designed by Dr. Herbert Hüttlin. A 67 year old flow engineer. Dr. Hüttlin had upwards of 150 patents to his name. Most of them in the pharmaceutical production machinery field. In 1991 he began working on this spherical engine. His primary goal was to increase the efficiency of the compression engine. After 20 Years and 3 designs, he finally came up with the perfect model.

This engine consists of two opposing curved twin-piston heads that rock back and forth on the same bearing. At this time, the engine is a 4 stroke engine so the running cycle will be induction, compression, combustion, exhaust. The best part is that on top of each piston head is a titanium ball bearing. Two of the ball bearings run on a circular fixed axis while the others run in a sine wave pattern. The rocking of the pistons causes them to rotate perpendicularly on the axis.

The pre-production prototypes only have a capacity of 1.18L. They put out approximately 100Hp and 3000 RPM. They can even reach torque levels of 213lbs. Sure that doesn’t seem like much right now, but you have to remember this is still a prototype. This engine only has 62 parts while the average engine has 240. Now that’s a big difference! Dr. Hüttlin plans on increasing the efficiency by at least another 40 percent!!! We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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