This 5 Ton truck on tractor tires is the king of the swamp!

When you get your Ford stuck deep in the mud, and we do mean DEEP, who are you gonna call to pull you out. This guy has got his very lifted Ford stuck in the deepest mudhole at the Pines over Labor Day weekend. He is almost up to his hood pretty much in the mud. Sure, if he had a winch he could spend a ton of time hooking that up…. or he could have a beast of a 5 ton truck pull him out!

This 5 Ton truck might be one of the coolest ones of these out running in the mud! The bed of this truck has been bobbed. For those of you who don’t know, bobbing a truck involves chopping the bed of the truck to make it shorter. This is done so the truck can go up and down steeper hills or rocks without banging the bed. Or some people just do it because it looks cool! With a massive 5 ton truck however, you need to shorten it as much as possible to get through the woods. Those big tractor tires have no trouble catching and pulling this Ford out of the mud!

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