This Cummins sounds like it has a cold…

If you think this is what your truck should look like on a cold start… You got something wrong with you!  This guy posted a video of his 600 HP Cummins on a cold start to show off his truck.

First off, his idea of a cold start is a 40 degree morning.  For most of us, if you got green grass on the lawn and its not snowing, its not a cold start.  40 degrees isn’t even below freezing!

At this temp, no well tuned engine should have any significant trouble starting up. Modern diesels should be able to start in pretty much any conditions.

The truck takes a good 20-30 seconds to really get going and come to life.  Thats just insane for a truck in 40 degree weather.  He may have been trying to show off but there is definitely something wrong with this truck or how they have tuned it!

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