This Dodge Ram Bends In Half During A Tug Of War. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!

We’ve all seen truck tug of wars before. They are probably one of the most entertaining events you could attend. Every once in a while something doesn’t go as planned, or a truck breaks down and the match is over. Well what happens in this match is going to blow your mind!

This Dodge Ram has a bed fully loaded in concrete blocks. Well that was probably his first mistake. Then we come to the issue of where he has that strap connected! With a load that heavy and using such a high point for the strap, what did he expect to happen?

Right off the bat things start going downhill. The Dodge bends it’s frame completely in half, but that’s not going to stop this guy. They call a quick break so that they can straighten the truck out and continue the match! What happens next is completely unexpected!

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