This Guy Just Restored Our Faith In Humanity!!!

Lately that has been a lot of various different social experiments going on, but there’s also been A LOT of prank videos as well. Most of the prank video creators have started to do these touching social experiments. Some people say they are set up, while others don’t think so. Either way, if you’re not smiling by the end of this video, you don’t have a heart.

Hammy TV ran a social experiment where they pretended to not know how to change their tire. They proceeded to look stranded on the side of the road for hours. Not one person would stop to help them. That is until Eric showed up. As you can tell he had recently gone through some serious life changing events. He lost EVERYTHING in a house fire, almost including his own life. If this man who lives in serious pain can stop to help a stranger out, why can’t the rest of society?!?

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