This nitrous powered Cummins is great at blowing up in a giant fireball.

There is only one way to find out the limits of your trucks setup.  You have to push the engine to the absolute limits and see what it can do!  Sometimes however when you push the limits things go wrong!

This Cummins driver is about to find out just what can go wrong when you try to push your truck as hard as possible.  He had already made three passes on the dyno with this truck that day and was trying to hit his goal of 2000 HP in this beast.

When he flips the nitrous boost on however, its a good thing the cameraman was standing way way back.  The trucks block cracked and the result is a massive fireball!   Thankully no one was hurt in this accident and this truck was able to be repaired and returned to action as this guys daily driver!


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