Twin Turbo Duramax Demolishes new Corvette

After a New corvette flies by his truck on the road, this Duramax Driver decides to show him a thing or two about the rolling power of a diesel truck.


From Highway speeds he stomps on it and Destroys this Corvette.  It ain’t even close!  Show this to people who doubt the speed and power of a Duramax!   I think in a straight up quarter mile the Corvette could likely take the Duramax no problem.  But in a 60-90 at highway speeds you can’t beat that sheer torque and acceleration of that Blacked out Duramax.  When the Corvette first flies past them he rolls some serious coal to catch back up to it.   Once they are able to take off from the same spot at the same speed, the Duramax easily pulls away.


What do you guys think of this blacked out Twin Turbo Duramax?? Would you drive this?  Or is another truck faster for you?

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