What if a Cummins had a baby with a monster truck….

Wow this is one bad Cummins!  This truck has been making the rounds at truck shows aroudn the south over the past couple years but according to the owner, this truck is now “done” and you can get to see it in its final form!

Called “Big Nasty” this is one sick truck.  Lifted up high on 48’s with pretty much every cosmetic mod done to it, it doesn’t look like anything you have seen before.  The 24V Cummins has water methanol injection added, aftermarket delivery valves and tons more work done it.

Two things really stand out to us about this truck however.  This is no show truck that has to be trailered to every show and barely works.  He drove this truck to the show and says he has gotten this thing as high as 140 MPH which must have been one hell of a ride.

Two, What is with the snake!!  Your gonna jump when you see it in the truck and we would love to hear the story of why he has a snake riding around in his cab.

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